His image still covers banners hanging on light posts surrounding Amway Center, and his former coach credits him with helping the $480 million hoops cathedral the Orlando Magic calls home get built, so it was impossible for Rashard Lewis to return, less than two months after he was traded, without getting a little sentimental.

"It definitely brings back a lot of memories - of trying to win a championship," Lewis said as he gazed at the giant high-definition scoreboard hanging above the arena floor.

Lewis won't be able to face his former team when the Washington Wizards play their final game before the all-star break, with right knee tendinitis forcing him to miss his third consecutive game. And as the Wizards came close to concluding practice on a court near the Magic practice facility, Lewis snuck away, hoping to visit some of his former teammates in the locker room.

When he arrived, Lewis saw that Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy was still conducting practice, so he decided to come back later because "you know how Stan is when they're practicing. I didn't want Stan screaming at me."

Lewis and the Wizards (15-38) will end the first half of the season with a reminder of where they have been, while trying to focus on the future.

Back at the place he called home for more than three years, Lewis went to his house in Winter Park, reflected as he drove around I-4 and other familiar roads and made plans to eat at a steakhouse where was good friends with the chefs.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Arenas, once the face of the Wizards franchise, will try to beat the team he represented for more than seven years for the second time in two weeks.

Still grappling with a diminished reserve role in Orlando, Arenas said that he isn't as pumped for this contest as he was when the Wizards used to play his first team, the Golden State Warriors. "It's not like the old days," Arenas said, cracking a smile. "If I was calling my own plays, it'd be exciting."

After the Magic defeated the Wizards, 110-91, at Verizon Center on Feb. 4, Lewis sauntered over to the visitor's locker room, where Arenas apologized to a player whose championship aspirations were squashed the moment he was swapped in exchange for Arenas on Dec. 18.