Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote a column for this newspaper in which I urged the Lakers to trade Andrew Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard.

There being no statute of limitation on statues with limitations, I'm writing it again.

Recent events apparently have given the Lakers one more chance to make this deal, and while they wouldn't listen to me the first time, maybe they will heed the loud gurgling of a year spent circling the drain.

It was a year in which Bynum, despite his steady improvement on the court, remained the sort of bratty teenager who probably will never grow up until he is sent away from home.

It was a year in which Bynum, despite staying mostly healthy, showed he doesn't have the flexibility or fortitude to complement Kobe Bryant.

It was a year in which the Lakers won only one more playoff game than the previous season, with absolutely no hope of improving as constituted.

A year ago, it was a good deal. Now, it is a great deal.