Cardinals starter Lance Lynn wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when his teammates saw his leaner frame for the first time this spring, but he thought it might go something like it did Friday as he walked toward the team’s clubhouse.

The first two he met wondered, “Who is the new guy?”

Pitcher Adam Wainwright asked, “Where’s your other half?”

Consider the wisecracks compliments, independent confirmations of the offseason work Lynn did to rethink his diet, shed weight, maintain strength and better prepare for more than just this coming season.

“It’s a lifestyle change,” Lynn said Friday. “That’s the way I took it. It wasn’t like this was a hey-this-is-what-you’re-supposed-to-do-in-the-offseason deal, something you do to look good at spring training. This is what you do for the rest of your career to pitch and be successful. That’s the way I’m taking it.”

Lynn, an All-Star last season who won 18 games, declined to put a number on how much weight he lost in the offseason. “Enough,” he said. The Cardinals’ roster listed him at 250 pounds last season, though such weights are often copied from previous years. The righthander said he’s reporting to spring training 15 pounds to 20 pounds lighter than last spring, and he put on weight through the year. He allowed that 40 pounds was “close to accurate.” He joked that cutting his “mane of hair” and shaving his beard has had a slimming effect.