LeSean McCoy walked out of Radio City Music Hall after the NFL's awards show with a glistening new trophy tucked in his arms. After he was named the FedEx Ground player of the year for the second time in three seasons, the NFL offered to mail McCoy the award.

He said he lives in Philadelphia, he can take it on his own.

When the league offered a box, he declined. He carried the trophy out like he carried the football to a league-leading 1,607 yards. And as he prepared to leave, he mentioned he wants different hardware at this time next season.

"Now I need some rings," McCoy said. "Philadelphia's waiting, baby."

McCoy knew his latest award bolsters only his personal resumé. McCoy pays attention to running backs around the league and his standing among the league's finest. Winning the award two out of three seasons serves as validation for McCoy's place among the elite rushers. He mentioned Chicago's Matt Forte, Kansas City's Jamaal Charles, and Minnesota's Adrian Peterson.

"It's definitely something special," McCoy said. "There's so many different guys. . . . Each year, you're always looking at guys you're going against, putting numbers up, winning games. So you add all that up, you have trophies and awards like this each year. All of us have goals to be the best. This is a stepping-stone."

McCoy was a finalist for MVP and offensive player of the year, although both of those awards went to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning for his historic season. McCoy entered the night figuring Manning was guaranteed to win MVP, but he hoped that he would have a chance for offensive player of the year.