Yesterday after Patriots practice LeGarrette Blount mentioned that one of his favorite hobbies is bowling.

It’s a fitting activity for the 6-foot 250-pound tailback as his running style could be compared to a bowling ball careening through a set of pins. A physical downhill runner Blount is at his best when stepping through not around defenders sending would-be tacklers bouncing to the side on his way to the end zone.

So getting to work in full pads the last few practices has played more to his strengths.

“I feel like being in pads yeah it plays more to my strengths than anything” Blount who averages 180 on the bowling lanes said. “A big guy like me I’m agile and I show flashes of things but for me I feel like showing what I can do. My biggest advantage is in pads. I’m a big physical guy.”

That physicality was on display in practice as the Pats did a lot of work on the ground attack particularly in short-yardage situations where Blount is most effective.

Blount rushed for 1007 yards as a rookie for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010. His numbers dipped the next two seasons including putting up just 151 yards a year ago. Now Blount finds himself on a depth chart behind Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen. Special teams then becomes just as important as carrying the ball.

“I haven’t played much (special teams) but I mean I come here with an open mind” he said. “I’m expecting to do whatever they need me to. . . . I’m just happy wherever. I’m just looking forward to playing some football that’s all.”

Blount already feels like a welcome addition to the running back fraternity.

“I mean they’re a really close-knit group you know” he said. “They walk with me and I fit in I fit in really well with them. They brought me right in so I’m pretty comfortable with them now.”