Nick Leddy dealt with the fewer minutes in Game 4 the only way he could: by staying alert and being ready for when the call did come.

But the calls didn’t come very often for the Chicago Blackhawks defenseman that night. After being such a big part of the team’s defensive core this season, he spent most of Game 4 on the bench. He’s dealing with it, and going forward, he’ll be ready to do what he can to increase those minutes.

Leddy played just two minutes, 37 seconds in Game 4, by far his lowest total in some time, in the Blackhawks’ 6-5 overtime victory over the Boston Bruins. Coach Joel Quenneville said it had more to do with how the game was going than anything else, and that Leddy will be used more in Game 5.

“I think we expect Nick to get back to playing more in tomorrow's game,” Quenneville said. “I think as the game progressed last game, not getting him out there against the match-up that we were looking for was there, too. Then late in the game we didn't go there. I thought the five guys in our rotation were getting the job done.”

Leddy is at his best when he’s moving with speed. When he’s shown that, he’s been very noticeable. He hasn’t had the best postseason after a great regular season, and needs to show those regular-season traits more to get back on track.

“Nick’s got some nice assets, and I think quickness, getting up in the attack and turning pucks from defense to offense right away is one of his strengths,” Quenneville said. “In the puck area, make sure we're killing plays and defending quickly in the puck area and eliminating players with a puck possession game by them in their zone; (that’s) what we're looking for. But at the same time, Nick gives us a nice presence on the back end and gives us nice balance.”

As far as those diminished Game 4 minutes, Leddy dealt with it. But it wasn’t easy.