Here's the question: Do you embrace doubts or ignore them? There's no right or wrong answer. But that's the question around the Heat after a loss sends the narrative around this team into sky-has-fallen panic.

The fascinating part is how differently LeBron James and Dwyane Wade live in the athletic biospheres they've constructed. You might not guess this, considering what good friends they are and what common games they share.

They both attack with the basketball. They both soar. They defend. They lead. They're unselfish teammates. They carry themselves like pros. On and on.

But there was a moment Saturday before the Heat's practice that told just how fundamentally different they are. Someone asked Wade what happened in Friday's Eastern Conference finals Game 3 loss to the Boston Celtics, why he didn't attack, what has happened in first halves — why, in short, he hasn't been Wade for stretches in these playoffs.

"I don't think like that — we didn't win,'' Wade said. "We didn't win Game 3 [against Indiana], when I had five points. We didn't win in Game 3 here. LeBron had 34 points, but we lost, so we're not patting him on the back. I've got to be better."

That's to be expected, that kind of answer, the one that puts the cathedral of winning above all. But this question about one bad night kept coming to Wade in various forms. And coming.