LeBron James is set to produce a sitcom for cable movie station Starz. From the AP via NBA.com:

LeBron James is joining forces with Starz and the man behind classic shows like "The Cosby Show" to create a sitcom that will touch on something he knows a lot about -- "Survivor's Remorse."

The Miami Heat star will be the executive producer of the half-hour show. It will focus on two people who make it big after getting out of Philadelphia's inner city and will chronicle the characters as they try to adjust to that fame along with feelings of guilt for having made it while peers are still struggling.

James is working on the project with his business partner and longtime friend Maverick Carter along with Tom Werner the force behind shows such as "The Cosby Show" and "Roseanne." Actor Mike O'Malley will also be an executive producer.

via Heat's LeBron to help create 'Survivor's Remorse' sitcom | NBA.com.

James has been pursuing projects like this for a while. If you recall he and his crew produced two seasons (two!) of the dreadful "LeBrons" cartoon show based on the Nike characters he created early in his career.