Unusual stat thresholds, complex streaks, comparisons to Michael Jordan, comparisons to Kobe Bryant, hypothetical questions about franchise player status involving Kevin Durant -- LeBron James has had enough.

"I'm not MJ, I'm LJ," James wrote with some exasperation on his Twitter feed Wednesday morning.

And he means it. In the midst of one of the most remarkable string of games in his career, James is completely uninterested in the minutiae and the suppositions that are raging about his play.

What he knows is this: He has outplayed Bryant routinely for several years now, including twice already this season. He has beaten Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats 10 straight times. And he has gotten the better of Durant six times in a row, including a 110-100 victory Thursday night in which James added another file to the anthology.

"I'm at a point where I'm just trying to make my own way," James said. "I understand there are comparisons. Anytime someone comes in and does anything, there are comparisons. It's flattering but sometimes you just want to stay away from it."

The All-Star break, Jordan's 50th birthday, the matchup, the ongoing most valuable player race with Durant and Sunday's meeting with Bryant have turned into a swirl around James. He can't be bothered with any of it.

There's a number of elements that have aligned for him over the past two seasons that seemed to have allowed him to break through the glass ceiling that suppressed him for an uncomfortable few seasons beforehand. His mental independence is one of the most profound changes, and it's showing in his game and his perspective.

"I don't get too involved what guys say about me," James said. "If you take Kobe or take LeBron. I don't do what I do for other people's approval."

That easygoing attitude was all over his 39-point, 12-rebound, 7-assist performance Thursday night. Playing in arguably the most hostile arena for visiting teams in the league against what is probably his greatest contemporary rival in Durant, James played with a carefree mindset that could come only from a mixture of confidence and experience.