NBA star LeBron James hasn't played organized football since his junior year in high school but that doesn't mean his dream of playing the sport has died. During a Twitter Q&A with his over 10 million followers on Friday night LeBron was asked if he would 'ever consider playing in one pro football game? In any league?'

Apparently the LeBron's football dream isn't dead because he wants to play in one NFL games before it's over. Presumably that would mean playing in a game while he's still athletic enough to do so.

If LeBron wanted to to be competitive on the football field this game would probably have to happen in the next five-to-seven years. If I'm an NFL owner reading that tweet I'm thinking of a way to get LeBron on the field for one preseason game and I'd play that game at Bristol Motor Speedway and then I'd count my money as I watched 150000 people pile in to watch LeBron in his one and only NFL appearance.