The Heat was missing Chris Bosh and Ray Allen, but it didn’t matter, with LeBron James making almost every shot in a blowout of the Clippers.

It was magical basketball. Brilliance personified. The kind of night, 20 years from now, that every sports fan in Miami will claim to have witnessed firsthand.

I was there the night LeBron James burned down the building by the bay, they will say. You could see it smoldering from South Beach.

James entered the game on an unbelievable offensive tear. He ripped open reality Friday at American-Airlines Arena with a performance that will go down among his career highlights and be filed away as one of the best single-game displays of athletic achievement in South Florida sports history.

The Heat defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 111-89, with James scoring 30 points on just 11 shots. He is the first player this season to score at least 30 points on 11 or fewer shot attempts, and it was a benchmark performance for his career as well. Never before has James scored so many points with so few shots.

“He’s off the planet right now,” Dwyane Wade said of his teammate. “He’s not even the best basketball player on the planet. He has surpassed the planet. He’s somewhere — the galaxy.

“I don’t know with him. He continues to do the amazing. It’s like, where’s the bar for this guy? Does he have a bar?”