LeBron James was not amused with Reggie Evans' comments that devalued the NBA title won by the Miami Heat last season.

So James dominated the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night, and then directly ripped Evans after the game.

Earlier Wednesday, Evans dismissed the Heat's championship-winning season by telling the New York Daily News: "It doesn't prove nothing. That was a lockout season."

When James learned of the comments during the day, he tweeted: "Just keep throwing rocks at the throne, don't matter cause nothing can break my zone."

James finished with 24 points, nine rebounds and seven assists in Wednesday's 105-85 victory over the Nets, the third time Miami has blown out Brooklyn this season. Then he took aim at Evans' comments.

"You can't just come out and say something like that versus a champion," James said. "No one knows what it takes unless you've done it. You can't sit here and judge and talk about a team winning a championship unless you've done it. (Evans) hasn't done it."

James then looked down at the post-game stat sheet.

"Let me look at his numbers real quick -- he had no offensive rebounds, so we did our number on him," James said.

Evans had six defensive rebounds and did not score in 20 minutes. James said he did not speak to Evans during the game.

"For what? I let my game do the talking," James said. "I'm not going to sit here and give Reggie Evans a lot of press, because that is what is going to happen for the next couple days."

Evans declined to speak to reporters after the game. But his teammates were not pleased with the team's effort this season against the Heat, who won all three games against the Nets by a combined total of 63 points.

"They're the defending champions, but I don't think they're much better than us," Nets forward Gerald Wallace said. "I don't think they're 20 points better than us.

"I'm not saying they can't beat us, but they're not 20 points better ... they've embarrassed us three times. What does that say for us as a team trying to be a championship team?"

James said earlier Wednesday that he isn't too impressed by the Nets despite their recent turnaround under interim coach P.J. Carlesimo.

"(The Nets) just picked up the intensity level," James said. "You can tell that they like to play for P.J. ... It sucks that Avery (Johnson) had to take the hit of them not wanting to play at a high level."