Despite the big block on Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James said he is not concerned about trying to drive or dunk on 7-2 Roy Hibbert. If fact, James acted a bit insulted he was even asked, according to a New York Daily News article. The Pacers center had 19 blocks in the six games with the Knicks. However, Miami Herald writer Joseph Goodman write that an odd sight in practice was that James was working on his floaters in practice. Goodman notes the imposing James seldom practices floaters. James figures it will just be among his arsenal of shots he can use if needed as the series opens tonight in Miami.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel article maintains the Heat don’t want to play with fire against Pacers. They don’t want to get off to a slow start as it did in losing its home opener to Chicago before winning the next four games. Last season, the Heat fell behind in their final three playoff series before rebounding to win the NBA title.

The Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman writes Heat big man Chris Bosh gets another chance to prove himself against Roy Hibbert in the playoffs. Bosh said he went in an emotional rage after being sidelined with an abdominal muscle injury in Game 1 of last year’s Eastern Conference semifinals with the Pacers. Bosh, who missed the rest of that series, said he feels is the X factor for the Heat and Hibbert is the X factor for the Pacers. Bosh is one of the best offensive big men while Hibbert’s interior defense excels.

Heat guard Norris Cole could be the key in disrupting Pacers guard George Hill, Miami Herald writer Linda Robertson writes. Cole’s speed and quickness make him one of the best on-ball defenders in the league and could harass Hill.