A cheeky way to keep conversation flowing with visiting recruits: Slap an all-time NBA great's name above a locker and let the questions roll in.

LeBron James is from Akron Ohio. He never played college basketball you might've heard. If he did perhaps it would've been down the way in Columbus. Nevertheless James' name is adorned in Ohio State's new locker room according to the photo above taken by Ohio State beat writer Marcus Hartman. James has a very good relationship with the school has attended multiple Ohio State games and consistently refers to himself as a Buckeyes fan.

Ohio State also sports LeBron-endorsed Nike gear on the regular (here's the shoe OSU is slated to wear next season) so this is another way to crowbar in some recruiting artillery. It's latching onto James -- no doubt with James' permission -- in order to keep up in the chase but still seems just a little bit desperate right?