Anyone looking for a sign of what Carmelo Anthony will do in free agency in the offseason, whether he will stay in New York or not, won’t get any clues from LeBron James.

Though the two have known each other since their high school days and remain fast friends, James on Saturday didn’t pretend to know what inner debate Anthony is having, or if his wife, La La Anthony, was correct in her assessment that Anthony is definitely staying with the Knicks. Anthony has said he will opt out of his contract and test free agency this summer.

“I don’t know (what he’s thinking),” James said before Saturday night’s game between the Heat and Knicks at the Garden. “I’m a good friend of his but I don’t know what his mind is saying or what’s going through his mind. He loves to play basketball and just like the rest of us — we want to win. That’s the number one thing. When you do something your whole life you want to win at it and you want to work at it. You don’t want it to be easy but you want to give yourself an opportunity to win. But I don’t know what’s going through his mind.”

It’s an open secret that James enjoys playing at the Garden, but his comments on the Super Bowl have been less than encouraging. James and his teammates don’t plan on hanging around for the big game on Sunday, and James has grumbled about the amount of congestion the game will cause with traffic and crowds. But on Saturday, James was much more positive about the game, offering up a hopeful comment about the weather, which is supposed to be warmer than expected, and also about the overall idea of the New York area hosting such a happening.

“It’s not that bad,” James said. “The weather’s not that bad. They said it’s much better this weekend than it was the previous couple of weekends. I don’t have to be here for it, to be out running around and catching and tackling tomorrow. I think New York is a great city to host any event.”

James, a Dallas Cowboys fan, wouldn’t offer a prediction on whether the Broncos or Seahawks would win. “I really don’t (have a prediction),” he said. “But I’m looking forward to watching it.