As former No. 1 picks, John Wall and LeBron James are in the same fraternity but Wall still has a long distance to travel before he can even think of joining James in the same class of elite NBA players. James entered the league a pre-packaged star and has lived up to the colossal hype in his first nine seasons.

But as he concludes a season that could result in him being the eighth NBA player to win three most valuable player awards, James shares something else with Wall aside from being the first to shake hands with David Stern on the night of the NBA draft. Like Wall, he failed to make the postseason in his first two seasons.

James understands the pressures that come with being the top overall pick and has often tried to pass along some advice when he crosses paths with Wall. After the Heat thrashed the Wizards on Feb. 10, James and Dwyane Wade huddled with Wall for several minutes to offer some encouragement.