Jason Terry realizes that he was the latest victim of a vicious dunk that spread across YouTube and reaction littered Twitter. Two days after being dunked on by LeBron James during the Heat's 105-103 win over the Celtics, James continued to chide Terry while Terry had little response.

Terry was approached about the dunk before the Celtics' shootaround. In the second quarter, James soared over Terry for a dunk and James them stood over Terry, glared and was called for a technical foul. The two have a feud going back to the 2011 NBA Finals when Terry's Dallas Mavericks defeated James' Heat in six games.

"I'm not even commenting. No comment. Zero. I have none. A basketball play," Terry said. "My reaction was when the fans were cheering and I went up and knocked down the technical. That's a great reaction. Wasn't the first, won't be the last."

James said he has watched video of the dunk and offered harsh words for the victim.

"It was one of my better ones," James told reporters in Miami. "And the fact that it happened to J.T. made it even that much sweeter. Because I think we all know what J.T. talks, and he talks too much sometimes and I'm glad it happened to him."