In recent times, there have been many Kansas City Chiefs fans saying the team should jettison Tamba Hali to open up cap space and a position to draft for.

This is based off of his down year in 2012, where he only registered nine sacks, his lowest total since 2009 when he had 8.5. Yet, he still had 31 quarterback pressures in 15 games, meaning he affected 40 throws plus however many times he was held and earned a penalty.

Trading or releasing Hali would be absolutely insane.

Letting Hali walk would be a disaster and a death blow to the Chiefs' hopes this season. Restructure his contract and make the cap hit lower, but don't let him go. Measure it this way: If Kansas City cut Hali, how many teams come calling? I would say at least 25. You don't let someone leave your building that would be wanted in such a capacity.

The notion that the Chiefs would be better off releasing Hali for cap space only to turn around and draft a kid like Dion Jordan of Oregon or Jarvis Jones from Georgia is stupefying. There is no guarantee either will be anything like Hali, despite every draft pundit screaming their heads off about it being a certainty.

Hali has better one of the best players on Kansas City for the better part of a decade and still wreaks havoc, causing teams to game plan for him every Sunday.

Considering how bad the Chiefs were and how often teams were just running the ball into the line, it's a miracle he even had nine sacks.

Without Hali screaming off the edge every play, Justin Houston doesn't sniff the pro bowl. Hali always draws the extra blocker and still gets through more often than not. I would surmise even Houston would agree that Hali is the focal point of the pass rush, hands down.