Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake would have to admit that he stole six shirts at the downtown Macy's Monday if he wants to have his record wiped clean under the city's diversion program.

Leake's attorney, Alex Triantafilou, spoke with Hamilton County Court Magistrate Jay Littner about the program moments before Leake was scheduled to appear for his arraignment on theft charges.

As it stands now, Leake, 23, is being screened for the diversion program. A hearing that would determine if he is eligible is set for May 18 at the Hamilton County Justice Center, said Littner.

Diversion programs are for first-time offenders and entail admitting guilt and paying the program fee. In this case, it would be $200. If Leake is eligible, he would have to check in monthly over a period that could be between three to six months.

Generally speaking, participants must take classes related to their crimes, such as a program that addresses the offense of theft. They can also do community service. Leake could also be required to receive counseling.

If all requirements of the program are met, the criminal record disappears from any public record, said Maria Karvelas, who runs the diversion program for the city.

Triantafilou did not want to elaborate on the case in which Leake is accused of stealing $59.88 in T-shirts from Macy's. He did say that his client regrets the distraction that his arrest has caused the team.

"He'll persevere," Triantafilou said. "He's a good kid."

Leake spent just under two hours in jail Monday before being released. As is customary with jail bookings, inmates are not allowed to bring many personal items into their cells with them.

In Leake's case, deputies stored away $250 in cash that Leake had with him as well as two Visa cards and a Master Card, among other items, according to paperwork obtained from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.