Phil Jackson lives in a 130-year-old apartment building on West 57th Street. The elegant lobby features a uniformed doorman, marble columns, marble walls and a broad crimson-carpeted staircase.

“I like the location,” Phil says as I enter his apartment and remove my shoes. “My chiropractor is only a block away, I can email my grocery orders and get everything delivered for an extra five dollars, and the subway’s so close that I sometimes take it to the Garden. When I walk the streets, people stop me to wish me well and console me about the team’s doldrums. I’m really enjoying living in New York again.”

His three-bedroom, 6,000 square-foot homestead is replete with wood-burning fireplaces in the living room and the dining room, as well as a marble tub in the master bathroom. A guided tour also showcases a style that might be called elegant-contemporary. There’s not a hint of anything ornate or ostentatious, just room-after-room adorned with comfortable chairs and beds, and other furniture offering smooth lines and interesting surfaces.