The Matt Frattin-Nazem Kadri reunion might have to wait another day.

While Frattin looked to be his feisty self in Tuesday’s practice, his recovery from mid-February minor knee surgery might not be green lighted for Wednesday’s game against Ottawa. The good news is that with three games in four nights, the right winger should be playing by Saturday against Pittsburgh at the latest.

“He’s closer today than he was yesterday,” coach Randy Carlyle said after Frattin was not allowed to proceed Monday against the Devils.

Frattin, team scoring leader Kadri, and left winger Clarke MacArthur were on the same line at practice. Kadri and MacArthur both scored Monday, while Frattin had seven goals and 10 points in 10 games before the follow-up procedure after major surgery from last spring’s AHL playoffs.

“It’s still day-to-day,” Frattin said. “It’s still in a gray area where you don’t want to rush it. But you also want to be back in. There was a possibility (of playing Monday). But Sunday was my first full-contact practice and I wasn’t ready for that game. We did a lot of down-low cycling plays today, but the biggest thing will be when guys start pushing on you. That’s when you can really test it out.”