The Maple Leafs and David Clarkson in particular will pay a high price for their high-spirited Band of Brothers moment Sunday at the ACC.

The battle to win spots in the lineup for the Leafs and Buffalo Sabres a 5-3 Toronto win was trumped by a re-staging of the War of 1812 complete with grappling goalies. Clarkson got the worst of it facing an automatic 10-game suspension for leaving the bench to save star Phil Kessel about to be torn like a chicken wing by super-sized Sabre John Scott.

That touched off a series of bouts that culminated with goalies Jonathan Bernier and Sabres all-star Ryan Miller in a lively punch-up won by the Leaf.

“When the flames get that high you’re somewhat helpless” a grim-faced Toronto coach Randy Carlyle said “other than pulling people back and yelling and screaming ‘get back get back’.

“We’re not proud or happy with what went on. I think Clarkson made a mistake and now we pay for it.”

Clarkson will lose about $500000 US in salary and not be eligible to return until Oct. 25 in Columbus a huge loss of a projected second-line winger.

Some other winger will now get a longer look at camp perhaps Jamie Devane who triggered Sunday’s romp by bloodying Corey Tropp in a fight or Carter Ashton who played with Kessel and Tyler Bozak.