San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito has filed a lawsuit for $3 million against a friend -- I'm guessing former friend now, actually -- for allegedly duping him out of that money in a "fitness software scheme that never materialized."


Barry Zito Enterprises Inc. filed two Superior Court complaints against dotFIT LLC, Global Health Solutions LLC, NEFC FitInnovations LLC, Lafayette Holding Company LLC and New Evolution Ventures LLC.

Zito also sued his friend Michael Clark, and Neal Spruce and Odd Haugen.

The basics are that Zito claims Clark used their friendship to gain the trust of Zito and convince him to make a $3 million investment in the startup company that was in the midst of raising $20 million worth of equity.

As things turn out, according to the Zito camp, the company never had close to that in equity but paid employees "unreasonably high salaries" and bonuses while allegedly taking part in insider loans and other nefarious activities. There were also, per Zito's attorneys, several areas in which the agreement between Zito and Clark were breached.