In the fall of 1973, four years before the Blue Jays were born, Buck Martinez was introduced to fellow minor leaguer, George Brett, while both were part of the Instructional League training with the Kansas City Royals.

His name might have been Brett but he wasn't quite the Hall of Fame material yet.

"The club approached me because I was going to Triple A, and George was going to Triple A, and I had already been in the big leagues a little," said Martinez, the Blue Jays broadcaster. "They asked me 'Would you let George live with you?' They figured I'd be a positive influence on him.

"Turns out, he lived with me in Omaha and he lived with me in Kansas City and we got to be very good friends."

There is a reason Martinez is explaining his relationship with Brett. He is actually sitting in the stands at Florida Auto Exchange Field Friday morning talking about another Brett, the Canadian Brett Lawrie, who continues to turn heads in the spring and making a most unlikely comparison in a compelling fashion.

Brett Lawrie and George Brett? A kid who hasn't played a full big league season with one of the greatest third basemen to ever play?

"When I compare Lawrie with Brett, I don't throw that around very lightly. George is one of the greatest ballplayers I've ever seen," said Martinez. "What I mean is, Brett Lawrie plays the game the same way George Brett played. Like it's his last day on earth and he's never going to get to play baseball again.

"Physically, he has better talent than George, if you can believe it. Better speed, power, strength, absolutely. George played better than his skills. He had the greatest commitment I'd ever seen from anybody. He hit a ground ball, he expected it would be a double. He hit a double he expected it to be a triple. If he got four hits, he expected to get five. That's the way he approached the game. That's why he has 3,000 hits, three batting titles, a World Series ring. I don't say this cavalierly about Lawrie. When I see him, he has that same attitude. Now matter what he does, he wants to do more.