Having apologized to umpire Bill Miller for his helmet-throwing tirade and having time to get some perspective on his four-game suspension, Brett Lawrie decided to drop his appeal and started serving his sentence Thursday night.

"It was time for me to suck it up and wear the four games and prepare for the rest of the season," said Lawrie.

"I just think it's easier to put this whole thing behind me. Plus, we didn't know if they would reduce the suspension."

A hearing had been scheduled for May 22 but there was no indication the suspension would be shortened, so Lawrie, GM Alex Anthopoulos and manager John Farrell decided to end what might have been a distraction at a critical time in the schedule.

"It was time to move forward and have the focus and attention be on the ball club," Anthopoulos said. "There is no need to keep this as an ongoing story. It was time to put it to bed."