Lawrence Frank looks like a boxer after a brutal 12-round heavyweight championship bout.

He's a little battered and bruised.

And, he won't admit defeat.

Before the Pistons won their fourth consecutive Monday night, 109-101 over the 76ers, Frank sounded like he wants this fight to continue.

He wants to go another round, another season.

Rumors, however, say Frank's fight is over. That he'll be fired after the season ends Wednesday.

Pistons owner Tom Gores did nothing to dispel those rumors when he gave Frank and team president Joe Dumars less than a ringing endorsement.

"I expected to be in the playoffs so I am disappointed by that," Gores said. "When I said that last year, I meant it."

Frank, meanwhile, is preparing for the regular-season finale at Brooklyn.

"I have always been told you are going to work every single day until they tell you that you are no longer needed," Frank said. "I only focus on what I can control. The speculation is out there but that is nothing I can control.

"Just do my job until you are no longer needed."