Michael Strahan gave a big shout-out to co-host Kelly Ripa Thursday morning, thanking her for showing him the morning show ropes – as he got a big round of applause from his new colleagues on Good Morning America.

"I'm very thankful for her, to her, because I've learned so much from her. And [executive producer] Michael Gelman showed me the ropes. I was so new to all of this and if it weren't for her and it weren't for Michael Gelman and the staff there that really boosted me up and made me look a lot better than I really am, I never would have had a chance to be here and I'm grateful that I'm here.

"We're on the same team, same family, same network," he concluded.

News that Strahan is departing Live! With Kelly and Michael in September to join GMA full-time has led to massive fallout, including claims that Ripa was furious after being "blindsided" by the announcement.