Despite having the best lefty bullpen combination in the majors last season, the Reds still might go get another lefty.

That isn't too surprising. Chapman is supposed to be graduating to the starting rotation. On top of that, they've shed a lot of southpaws in a short amount of time.

Jeremy Horst went to Philly in the pointless trade for Wilson Valdez. He would've made a lot of sense as second-fiddle to Sean Marshall this season. Donnie Joseph went to KC at the deadline for Jonathan Broxton. Billy Bray was non-tendered and picked up by Nationals - which also means The Trade is dead. Or Long Live the Trade.

Lefty specialists aren't that hard to find. There are usually plenty to choose from, at any given time. In fact, there might be a righty on the team right now who would make a good lefty specialist. Arredondo, Hoover and LeCure all had good numbers against lefties last season.