It seemed appropriate the Lakers found themselves tucked away on the lush campus of the Texas Military Institute on Monday.

When it comes to charting a map to victory against the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, what better place to gather than the high school military alma mater of General Douglas MacArthur?

As if the Lakers didn't need any more incentive heading into Game 2 against the Spurs, or reminders that precision, attention to detail and game plans that don't play right into the hands of the opposition are required in the playoffs, all they had to do was check out the towering statue of MacArthur staring down at them.

Just guessing here, but if the Big Chief was a basketball fan he must have been choking on his pipe watching the Lakers walk bright-eyed into every single Spurs trap Sunday in Game 1, including their ill-disguised tactic of forcing the ball inside to Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard without any secondary action to draw the Spurs' attention elsewhere, and their sloppy ball-handling and field-goal shooting.

It's one thing to succumb to a superior opponent, but another thing entirely to assist the opposition every step of the way with your own ineptness.

The Lakers were well-positioned to steal Game 1 against a Spurs team as vulnerable as we've seen in years, but they sabotaged themselves with 18 turnovers and an offensive obviousness that made it easy for the Spurs to defend.