Last year during the playoffs, a rumor about the Patriots chasing Larry Fitzgerald prior to the trade deadline emerged. It made sense given the Pats need at wideout. But it did not make Cardinals GM Steve Keim happy.

Fitzgerald said, as part of an extended interview with USA Today's Tom Pelissero, he heard "nothing at all" about a possible trade to the Patriots.

"Nothing at all. I mean, I heard stuff that was being said," Fitzgerald said. "But there was never a time where the team approached me. Nothing like that."

Moving Fitzgerald would be a blockbuster deal; he's one of the bigger names in the NFL and one of the best wide receivers in the league despite suppressed statistics the past two years (Fitz had 1,752 yards the last two seasons, just 341 more yards than he had in 2011).

But his future in Arizona certainly isn't guaranteed. An offseason contract restructuring means Fitzgerald's cap hit for 2015 will be an untenable $23.6 million. With Michael Floyd emerging as a viable star receiver, paying Fitz that sort of cash just won't work.