Bird, who last built a large share of the Indiana Pacers team, who reached the Eastern Conference finals this season, stepped down due to health concerns. There were reports that Bird could return as the president of the Pacers, however the Pacers have already replaced him with Donnie Walsh and Kevin Pritchard.

The Kings may cause a few complications for Bird. First, DeMarcus Cousins could be a headache to deal with. As well, Tyreke Evans will become a free agent and the Kings will have to face the dilemma of either over-paying for him or losing him for nothing in exchange. The Kings however have the seventh pick in the NBA draft and could bring in some great talent.

Right now the team’s players and pieces don’t fit well and they may enter the salary cap which is something Kings fans don’t want, not right now at least. As well Bird wouldn’t be able to choose the coach he wants because Ranadive already hired Michael Malone (no relation to Moses or Karl Malone).

The Kings however seem to have a committed owner and fan base (even if they were last in attendance).

Bird would be a great GM however if Ranadive wants him to take over the Kings, he may have to pay more than bargained.