As if there weren't enough elephants in the room for the Astros, there may be a courtship over the winter between Lance Berkman and the Astros. Okay, it may be a forced courtship. Or one-sided. Or adversarial. Or perhaps totally non-existent.

Should there be a courtship of any kind?

In a era when it's easier to count the number of remaining fans than those who have left, the Astros may need all the PR they can get over the next 6-12 months. Indeed, there are pros and cons for the Astros to invite their former switch-hitting slugger back to Houston. Indeed, Berkman has obviously considered his options.

Heck, if Roger Clemens is a candidate to return to the mound at age 50, who better than Lance Berkman to become the first full-time designated hitter in Astros' history?