The outpouring of support after the passing of Lakers owner Jerry Buss on Monday came as swift as his famed "Showtime" teams dazzled crowds at the Fabulous Forum.

Buss, 80, died of complications from cancer that led to kidney failure.

It was only natural that Magic Johnson offered the first assist.

"All Dr. Buss ever wanted to do was WIN and he did," Johnson wrote on Twitter. "Dr. Buss won 10 Championships - 5 with me as a player & 5 with me as his partner.

"Dr. Buss was a visionary and an incredible business man with a serious passion for numbers. I will always remember Dr. Buss' big smile, his love for the @Lakers, for poker & billiards, for the City of LA and for beautiful women."

Buss made it look so easy.

His teams featured star players, such as Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. Buss had Hall of Fame coaching in Pat Riley and Phil Jackson and strong front-office expertise from Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak.

This year's surprisingly underachieving team comes at a cost of a $100 million payroll and an additional $30 million in luxury taxes. The Lakers can absorb that partly because of a lucrative 20-year deal with Time Warner Cable.

"I hope L.A. understands everything that he has accomplished in a very competitive sport with some very, very competitive teams," Bryant said in a radio interview Monday. "(Winning 10 titles), that's ridiculous ... It's absolutely silly."