Jordan Farmar was on his first official visit as a Laker again and he was wheeling purple Lakers bags filled with souvenirs through the pediatrics unit Tuesday at UCLA Medical Center Santa Monica.

His first stop was in Jasmine Faulk’s room and he received a warm welcome. Faulk made him two Lakers signs and taped them to her door.

Faulk wearing a green track suit and Hello Kitty socks is 10 years old and battling Rhabdomyosarcoma a cancerous tumor that is attached to a bone. Hers was behind her eye.

Jasmine shook Farmar’s hand and smiled a lot. You wouldn’t blame her if she was disappointed.

The Lomita resident should be starting sixth grade with her friends. But she’s done chemotherapy once a week over the last 44 weeks. She told Farmar that she was having her last chemotherapy treatment that day.

When she got up from her hospital bed and put her arm around Farmar for a picture she told him she was kind of dizzy.

``That’s OK’’ Farmar assured her. ``You can lean on me.’’

It was a touching moment between two strangers brought together by sports a dreaded disease and good will.

Faulk is due for an MRI in September according to her mom Caroline Faulk and to return home in a few days.

``Congratulations’’ Farmar told her. ``That’s good news. You’re pretty brave.’’

It’s a visit like this that puts sports in perspective. All the prognosticators have the Lakers headed for a woeful season and maybe missing the playoffs with the loss of Dwight Howard to free agency.

But the power of the Lakers in this hospital wing was as strong as those 16 NBA championship banners the Lakers own.

Now Faulk has a story to share with her 14-year-old brother Jacob. She got him an autograph too. The Lakers had photos of Farmar in his No. 1 jersey from three years earlier.

The Faulks told Farmar that Jacob is returning from a trip to Israel. Jacob told his sister all about Farmar and Jasmine Googled him before the visit.

``I played in Tel Aviv’’ Farmar said. ``Jerusalem is beautiful.’’