This team needs a new scriptwriter. For the third straight game, the Los Angeles Lakers fell into a very familiar formula: Play well for 2 quarters. Build big lead. Collapse. Hold on for dear life. For the second straight game, at least the formula was successful. There is no disastrous result today, nothing that ruins the Lakers season all over again. In the final analysis of this season, the win will be all that matters, no matter how bad the Lakers looked in getting it, and how lucky they were to achieve it.

Lucky seems the most apt description of the Lakers today, because they were not punished for their shocking free throw display at game's end. Up by one point, the Los Angeles Lakers twice came up with big defensive stops in the final minute, followed by an immediate foul on whoever rebounded the ball. When Earl Clark missed two free throws, it was surprising and deflating. When Steve Nash, one of the greatest shooters in the history of professional basketball, missed two free throws, it was downright apocalyptic. I'm so very thankful the Lakers won this game, and not just because of the assistance it provides to the Lakers' anemic playoff hopes. Losing this game would have destroyed Steve Nash.