It's all over. The Los Angeles Lakers ended their 2013-2014 season with a 113-100 victory over the San Antonio Spurs, their record at 27-55 after another grueling season. What goes up must come down, or in this case, what's already down must be put down mercifully. Goodbye '13-14 Lakers. We'll likely hardly know ye' going forward.

It's fascinating to watch an 82-game season come and go, even more so for this years Lakers team. There were plenty of expectations going into to the season, just none of the good kind. As they slowly came to fruition, it's startling how badly we may have wanted it to go the other way. To finally watch Wesley Johnson become a valuable rotation player, Nick Young think twice about shooting, Steve Nash put in a few healthy weeks or Kobe Bryant make a valiant return. In the end, we'll likely remember the negativity of this season more than anything else.

Worst season ever?

Alas, the end has come. For some teams it's a painful end to a hopeful year. For the Lakers, it's a chance to step back and start building toward the future.