The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers don't move us anymore. They are too old, too over-exposed and too broken down to matter. The Celtics are hanging on to the last playoff spot in the East. The Lakers can't even claim that much.

Despite similar circumstances, there is a marked difference in the way the teams were put together this season. Danny Ainge added role players to his existing core, while Mitch Kupchak acquired superstars. Doc Rivers is still on the sidelines, while the Lakers bounced from Mike Brown to Bernie Bickerstaff to Mike D'Antoni, changing offenses on the fly with each move. The Celtics feel dated and stale. The Lakers seem ill-conceived and slipshod.

Predictably, there is an air of uncertainty around both teams. Pau Gasol, who has been oddly treated like a spare part by D'Antoni, finally vented his frustrations to the Los Angeles Times and suggested that a fresh start was inevitable. Now he is hurt and out for 4-6 weeks. Dwight Howard, who will be a free agent after this season, is also injured and there doesn't appear to be room for both of them.