Another summer Twitter tempest has erupted among the most ardent of Jets Nation, this time concerning team captain Andrew Ladd.

Ladd said Tuesday he did favourite a tweet by accident, one posted overnight Monday by a Jets fan critical of the off-season the NHL team is having. When the matter was pointed out to him, Ladd said he quickly unfavourited the tweet by @sliiiiip that said "I just found a video that sums up the #NHLJets offseason magnificently!" It links to a YouTube video showing a picture of wrestling maven Bryan
Alvarez yelling "minus five stars" for a full 10 minutes.

Ladd, who spoke to the Free Press later Tuesday, said he had looked at Twitter just before going for his daily workout and didn't realize what he'd done until contacted by the Jets communications staff.

"I didn't even look at (the video)," Ladd said via phone from his B.C. home. "I didn't think I had favourited it, but I checked and I guess I accidentally favourited it, so I unfavourited it and I went back to working out.

"I understand that people might make a big deal about it or talk about it. It's a pretty dead time of year and that's what happens when you play hockey in Canada and in a market like Winnipeg. I'll have a chuckle about it and hopefully everyone can just laugh and move on."

Ladd is somewhat active on Twitter but he's not a serial user.

"I check it," he said. "If I'm bored I'll just mess around with it and check things out, but I don't use it a whole lot."

With the Jets' off-season activity, or lack of it, the subject of this incident and a hot topic for many Jets fans this summer, Ladd was asked for his opinion on the team's approach since last April.