Well, that didn't take long.

The Giants are reigning World Series champions after running away with the National League West and making a historic run through the postseason, and the A's are defending division champs as well. But not long after turning San Francisco and Oakland into title towns, they're suddenly viewed as second-class citizens in their own divisions.

In their own state.

This is not about East Coast bias but Southern California bucks - $147 million to Zack Greinke to accompany Clayton Kershaw in the Dodgers' rotation and $125 million to Josh Hamilton to accompany Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in the Angels' lineup.

The Giants finished eight games ahead of the Dodgers, the A's five ahead of the Angels. But money changed how the Southern California teams are perceived, and they've become clear division favorites by oddsmakers, one of whom opened the Dodgers' over/under win total at 90, the Angels' at 89.5.