LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were seated about 20 feet apart during Friday's media session for Sunday's All-Star Game, but they went out of their way to not talk about the possibility of playing together -- whether it was on Sunday or, perhaps, some day in Cleveland.

James refused to answer whether he'd still like to return to Cleveland someday, as he suggested last season when the Miami Heat visited Cleveland.

"I don't know," he said on Friday. "That's one thing I'm not even thinking about right now. I'm focused on All-Star Weekend now and even more trying to win another championship."

Irving was asked if he was looking forward to playing with anybody in particular on Sunday.

"This isn't about one specific person or playing with one specific person," the Cavs point guard said. "It's just about being a part of this weekend and going out there and trying to get a win, regardless of who's on the floor."

Of course, that does not mean they weren't willing to talk about how the other is playing this season.

James on Irving: "I think he's great. I don't see him take a night off. You're going to have bad shooting nights, but he's doing great things. I said it earlier this year or last year that in a couple years, he'd be [one of the] top two or top three best point guards in the league. He's headed there already. His ability to shoot the ball, his ability to drive the ball and finish, I think he's one of the best finishers we have in our game.