Cavaliers coach Mike Brown has taken to calling globe-trotting All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving "The Pied Piper'' of Cleveland basketball.

Which might mean more if Irving had any idea who The Pied Piper was.

"Can you guys tell me what that means?" Irving asked reporters at the 28th annual Cavaliers Youth Fund Golf Classic at Firestone Country Club. "I know it's a fairy tale but I've never read it.''

Irving smiled as reporters told him about the piper who rid Hamelin of rats and then after the townspeople refused to pay him for that service children. Acknowledging that it might not be the best analogy Irving laughed and said of Brown ''He made it so I guess I'm The Pied Piper of the team.''

What Brown meant was teammates have been following Irving all over the country to work out -- from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Miami and New York.

"I've been forcing everybody to meet me in different places and work out'' Irving admitted. "That was fun.

"We're all getting accustomed to one another and looking forward to starting training camp. We have a great leader in Mike Brown and our coaching staff. They've done a hell of a job this summer just getting all of us together including myself and just working out and getting better.

"I'm feeling good. I've been ready for training camp for a while now. I'm looking forward to getting started. We have the pieces to do something special this season and I know we can.''

Brown loves how Irving has taken ownership of the team.