It was sure nice to have Kyrie Irving back, wasn't it? Even if you didn't watch any of the Cleveland Cavaliers' games while Irving was sidelined with a broken index finger, you could tell last night that this team missed him. They played with an incredible energy and looked roughly a billion times smoother on offense. It was nice that Irving got to ease himself back into the NBA by facing such a weak opponent like the Los Angeles Lakers. Lots of guys stepped up for Cleveland and they topped the Lake Show, 100-94.

Cavs' Leaders: Points: Irving, 28; Assists: Irving, 11; Rebounds: Thompson, 10

Fun stuff and such:

I'll just start off by saying how much fun it is to watch the Lakers suck. Kobe Bryant and Mike D'Antoni both blew up in their post game interviews and they really can't figure out why they are so bad right now. It's pretty hilarious. And while I don't want to take anything away from how well the Cavs played last night, I'd be lying if I pretended that beating this Lakers team was some massive upset. They simply aren't good. Cleveland blew past LAL in the first half and led by 15 at halftime. And the Cavs weren't putting up ridiculous numbers on either end of the floor. The Lakers were just sloppy and careless and lazy on every other possession. 13 first-half turnovers led to 19 points for the Cavs. If not for the "Lakers" jerseys and terrible Dwight Howard headband, you'd think Cleveland was just throttling a crappy lottery team in the first half.