Kyrie Irving will participate in the 3-point contest All-Star weekend, but the real challenge will come Tuesday after Cavaliers practice.

Irving. Byron Scott. It's on.

When Irving teased that he wouldn't take advice from his head coach on how to survive the 3-point contest because Scott never won in his two appearances in the competition, Scott retorted with his own challenge.

"Tuesday, I'm going to show him how it's done," Scott said.

The coach appeared in the 1987 and 1988 3-point competitions while he was a Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard, finishing third in 1988. Larry Bird won that year, but Scott's 11 3-pointers weren't far behind second-place Dale Ellis' 12 3-pointers in the semifinals. Trying to be kind to his young protege, Scott said he would help Irving get ready for this year's contest after he learned Thursday evening he would be a participant. Scott planned on telling Irving to take his time in the 60-second contest, to shoot set-shots instead of jumpers, and that he had to finish better than third.