The San Francisco Giants made the playoffs and won the NL wild card game last year, but that might have obscured the direction things were going. They were 30-42 after the All-Star break. Only the Twins and Phillies won fewer games in the second half. That has continued into this season, as the Giants enter Monday with a 27-51 record, the second-worst in all of baseball.

Combine those figures and the Giants are 57-93 in their last 150 regular season games. Even if we loop in the playoffs last year, it's 59-96. That's not a small sample. Sure, they've had the Madison Bumgarner injury this season, but how much of an impact was he gonna have on this group? He can only pitch once every five games.

What's going on here is pretty simple, actually. The Giants are a bad team. They aren't exactly young or teeming full of promising prospects in the upper levels of the minors and it appears there are chemistry issues now. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported as much on Monday morning -- including the laughable segment that some people believe the loss of Angel Pagan hurt the team because there was unity in everyone disliking him. Further, there seems to be some divide over Mark Melancon's routine.

I have no doubt that players and teams believe in chemistry and surely it helps to have a good mix in the clubhouse. I also think that the same group of guys will believe they have good chemistry when they are winning and poor chemistry when they are losing. The Giants now are doing a lot more of the latter.

Basically, they are paying back what they took with the three World Series titles. Flags fly forever, but sometimes the team needs to move forward instead of living off the titles. The Giants should move forward by rebuilding about Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner.