When the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III in 2012, there wasn’t much pretense about making him fight his way into the starting quarterback job.

Griffin took over from his arrival in Washington and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan put together a scheme that Griffin ran well enough to win a division title. Shanahan is now in Cleveland after everything went south in a hurry for the Redskins last year and the Browns have opted for a different track with Johnny Manziel. They’ve made Brian Hoyer the No. 1 quarterback in spring practices and called Hoyer the better quarterback “by a substantial margin,” but Shanahan is still getting a familiar feeling when he watches Manziel play.

“Johnny and Robert are very similar,” Shanahan said, via USA Today. “They’re both talented guys who can make plays with their legs. But there comes a time in the NFL when they’re going to keep you in the pocket, and you’re going to have to have that ability to make the throws with your arm and mind. And Johnny, just like Robert, has that arm talent and intelligence to do that.”