Read Jason La Canfora's account of the three-ring circus that is the Washington Redskins and it's easy to see why the team is 3-10, the franchise quarterback has been bench, and the head coach is apparently trying to get fired.
But it gets weirder (of course it does). Kyle Shanahan, the Redskins offensive coordinator and son of head coach Mike Shanahan, said Thursday that he wasn't crazy about the idea of shutting Robert Griffin III down for the rest of the season.

“You play your starting quarterback, that's been Robert,” Kyle said. “I'm pretty disappointed we don't get to play with him. But it is what it is, and I'm gonna deal with the cards I've been dealt.”

The younger Shanahan also didn't know who the starting quarterback would be until his old man made the announcement Wednesday.

“I've got zero involvement in that,” Kyle said, via “I actually game-planned for both [RG3 and new starter Kirk Cousins] all Tuesday. It was a little frustrating to game plan for both. I was told the final decision Wednesday morning, then rolled with it.”

There's more and it doesn't make things any less awkward.

“I think if the decision was about football, you would have talked with your offensive coordinator,” Kyle continued. “But this doesn't have to do with football -- it has to do with the future of an organization. That's out of my realm -- it has to do with a GM and an owner. … In a game, the process of whether a player goes down or comes out for a play or not, you don't know whether he's hurt. The doctors come up and tell you whether you have him or not, and you don't ask questions. You just keep calling plays. I've never seen a coach take a player out of a game when he says he's healthy, and the doctor says he's healthy, unless he wants to play the backup.