Older and wiser, Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry get a do-over in Toronto.

They were friends long before they both arrived as first-round picks in Memphis in 2006 and have not lost their bond despite being separated for many years now on their NBA journeys.

Once bright parts of the future in Memphis, now they are focal points of the present in Toronto.

"I had a few years with him before and I wasn't the player I was and he wasn't the player he was, so we didn't get the opportunity to really blossom together," Lowry said.

"Yeah, we both were thrown into the fire early, 19-year-old kids, we didn't know anything about this league," agreed Gay.

"And now we're back together and have been through different teams and been through playoff runs. We both know how to win and how to play. It's so much better when you have maturity. I think that the fact that we've matured it will be easy for us."

Lowry continued to speak from the same playbook as Gay.