Cactus League games have been played for nine days so far this year, which isn’t even a quarter of the Texas Rangers’ schedule in the longest spring in club history.

No one knows better than club personnel, and the media, that there is a long way to go before the March 31 regular-season opener at Houston.

So, the panic button hasn’t been pushed yet because of the pitchers and hitters still trying to round themselves into form.

It’s a long spring training. Anything can happen.

“I have no concerns right now,” manager Ron Washington said. “As we go through the second and third time, it’s time to start showing something. But right now, no, because the mind and body have to get in sync.”

But that doesn’t mean that some haven’t been tempted to push that button, or at least take a look at alternate plans just in case.

The No. 1 alternative still on the free-agent market is right-hander Kyle Lohse, and there are some within the Rangers’ organization who want him on the roster.

The two sides, the Rangers and agent Scott Boras, have remained in contact. A case can be made by the pro-Lohse and anti-Lohse crowds, with the nays controlling the vote for now.

But it’s a long spring training. Anything can happen.