Much has been made of the fact that the Atlanta Hawks re-signed Kyle Korver to a 4 year deal worth 24 million dollars. Some say he wasn’t worth it and others have said it was a great deal (I personally think it was a great move). The Hawks were 4th in the league in 3 pointers made last season and Korver was a huge part of that. When you look at the remade Hawks their new head coach Mike Budenholzer will run a system similar to what his former team the Spurs run. So will Korver be worth his 6 million dollars?

The player whose role will most mirror Korver’s on the Spurs is Danny Green. Green’s journey has already been documented and in the Finals he had a coming out party with setting the record for most 3 pointers in a Finals. Now this is all speculation as we haven’t seen anything on the court yet but when you compare their numbers Korver is seemingly poised for a career year. The Spurs got most of their shots (21%) off of spot ups and as a result so did Danny Green’s(42.7%). Green ranked 17th in the league in spot ups with 1.26 points per possession. Also he shot 46.6% from 3 point in those situations. Now by comparison Korver was 5th in the league in spot up offense scoring 1.34 points per possession. He shot 48% from 3 on spot ups as well. So it seems as if Korver will be getting most of his attempts as spot ups this season and he clearly is one of the best in the league.