The conversation stayed on Kyle Arrington and his new contract, teammates and son for almost exactly two minutes before the inevitable wave of Tim Tebow questions came rushing in. The Patriots’ slot cornerback, really, has had nothing to do with the most famous third-string quarterback in the world outside of game planning against Tebow while he was a Bronco and Jet. Arrington has never been his teammate, nor has he even spoken to him yet. But Arrington didn’t seem annoyed a single time by the string of questions about his new teammate. “It’s a circus out here. I love it,” Arrington said about Tebow’s arrival. And it was a circus. National and New York media came in droves to Gillette Stadium on Tuesday to see Tebow’s arrival, which included a typically surly press conference from Bill Belichick and a “statement” from Tebow. When Tebow is around, that means that less attention is paid to the rest of the team. Arrington said there would be no jealousy over that aspect of the Florida product’s arrival. Arrington spoke about Tebow like he was any other teammate coming in. “I can only call what I’ve seen, and what I’ve seen is team-first, high-character guy,” Arrington said. “The coaching staff and the scouting, everybody, they do a great job as far as bringing in guys who are high character guys who put the team first. It shouldn’t be any different.” When told that the “circus” would only be in town for one day, Arrington said the Patriots would have to soak it up while it was still in Foxboro.